5 Smart Ways to Protect Your Smartphone Screen from Damage

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Can You imagine today’s world without smartphones? Well, the answer has to be a big NO. Especially, during these adverse situations of a global pandemic, people are forced to stay indoors, do their household chores, shop, and even participate in official meetings, online classes, etc.  

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and are indispensable tools in the professional and personal lives of most people. These mobile devices allow you to remain connected and organized at work, at home, and on the move. As smartphones have gained widespread popularity due to their portability, this aspect makes them prone to physical damage too. But you need to protect it under all circumstances. 

You may have to send the device for repair from a provider of cheap cell phone screen repair in California or replace the damaged equipment from us which could be pocket pinching. Moreover, there is a constant threat of losing your data or someone else might have access to the vital pieces of information stored in your phone. So, it is a better idea to take a few precautionary measures. 

Let us analyze the four ways you can shield your smartphone from physical damage-

1. Use a Screen Protector

We always suggest to our customers do the same. Contemporary smartphones usually include scratch- and impact-resistant screens made from Gorilla Glass or something identical. But these screens are not unbreakable, so you might contemplate buying a screen protector. In that manner, if your keys scratch your smartphone’s screen while the phone is inside your pocket or handbag; you can just avail of a new screen protector and . It is much simpler and inexpensive to replace the screen protector compared to the phone’s built-in screen. Additionally, a lot of screen protectors feature an oil-resistant coating to help minimize fingerprints and smudges. 

2. Use a Case

The miniature sizes of many smartphones are both a blessing as well as a curse. Though your device easily accommodates into pockets, it can conveniently fall out of them. Accordingly, locating a spot on your desk to put the phone down is not a challenge. But you can just knock it off unknowingly. 

Using a case can facilitate you save your smartphone from these types of accidents. There is a wide range of cases and levels of protection available to suit your particular requirements. For example, bumper cases safeguard the sides, where most impact takes place. Full cases enclose the entire phone and often include a screen protector. We suggest that you can even use cases with built-in batteries that offer additional power for your smartphone if the built-in battery dies. 

3. Ensure Your Smartphone is Kept Dry

Smartphone manufacturers are continuously launching water-resistant smartphones. Although these phones aren’t entirely waterproof, they can manage rain or a dive into a puddle. 

If your smartphone does not have a water-resistant feature, you should adopt measures to secure it if there is a possibility it could get wet. Confining it within your briefcase or handbag can be enough for keeping your smartphone dry, particularly while walking in the rain or snow. If that is not an option or if there is a high possibility that what you are doing will get your phone wet, you might think of purchasing a water-resistant or waterproof case. 

4. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Exceedingly hot or cold temperatures can jeopardize your smartphone. Leaving it in unreasonably heat or cold for a long time can affect the battery and the device’s internal components, potentially causing data loss, reduced battery life, or even the necessity to replace the phone. Too much chilling cold weather could also cause some of the smartphone’s parts to become more rigid, leaving the device more vulnerable to damage from impact. 

You can prevent damage because of extreme temperatures with common sense. For example, if it is an extremely hot day, do not abandon your smartphone sitting in the sun or a deserted parked car for a long time. Accordingly, if it is a bitterly cold day, do not leave it inside your car or even the outer pocket of your blazer or jacket. Rather, put it within your inside pocket so that your body heat can maintain its warmth. 

If your phone accidentally gets exposed to extreme heat or cold, keep it indoors and cautiously allow your phone to return to room temperature. This is particularly crucial if the device is cold due to its shift from hot to cold too quickly can lead to condensation build-up within the device, possibly causing water damage. We hope you don’t want that to happen! 


To err is human. We all are prone to make mistakes. The four steps mentioned above can protect the screen of your smartphone from damage. Despite these preventive measures you may need help from our center as we provide the best phone screen repair in California

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