5 Commonest Laptop Problems And Ways To Fix Them

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You can ask any technician in any of our computer repair stores and all of them will unanimously agree that on a given day they fix more laptops compared to desktops. It is not at all surprising that over the last decade and a half, the sales of laptops have drastically outnumbered the sales of desktops and that is the reason why more laptops come in for repair. That is the reason we have our dedicated outlets for laptop repair in Redlands and other places.  

What we witness as a leading laptop repair shop is that users prefer to use a laptop because of its lightweight and portability, which is unthinkable for desktops. When you’re constantly on the move, you’ll realize the significance of a laptop and that is the reason why you should also be aware of the few commonest problems that people often face while using a laptop. Apart from the laptop warranty, that knowledge of fixing them can protect you from these commonest issues, and most importantly save the hard-earned money that you would have otherwise wasted for your laptop repair in Montclair or elsewhere. A few of the laptop problems and tips to fix them are mentioned below- 

1. Slowing Down 

It has been mostly observed that the devices usually slow down if there are far too many files and programs saved on them, because of their regular use. To avoid this imbroglio, we always recommend that you regularly free up some space on the hard drive by deleting temporary files, maintaining your desktop organized, and uninstalling programs you don’t use frequently. Also, you may transfer old files to an external hard drive to boost the performance of your laptop. 

2. Battery Draining 

Laptops usually have an amazing battery life of over 4-5 hours, if you use it at a stretch. But if you observe that your laptop’s battery is draining out faster, then you have to minimize the number of open tasks at the very beginning. This imposes an extra drain on the battery. You should not keep a lot of windows open and disable the Bluetooth option to prevent further draining of your laptop battery. Do not ever forget to switch on the ‘Energy Saving’ mode and maintain the brightness low. When you’re using Windows, go to ‘Settings’ and click “Power Options” under “system”. Similarly, on a MacBook, go to ‘Settings’ and search for  “Energy Saver” in System Preferences to control the brightness. 

3. Frequent Shut Downs 

It may so happen that you are on a tour and all of a sudden your laptop automatically shuts down. What would you do then? Search for an authentic technician? Rather, you should know that it is possibly due to overheating, which is ideally caused because of the accumulation of dust in the case and around the fan. Unfortunately, if your laptop keeps shutting down more frequently, try to clean it thoroughly to eliminate the dust. The easiest method to do this is to blow air into the side vent. Please ensure doing this while the laptop is powered off. If it doesn’t prove effective, then you may avail of a cooling fan for your laptop. 

4. Can’t Connect With Wi-Fi Networks 

If you ever face this issue, check whether the airplane mode on your laptop is turned off and Wi-Fi is switched on. Now, you can re-install the drivers of the network adapter. Adhere to the following steps- 

(I) Right-click on ‘My Computer’ or ‘My PC’ on your desktop and click ‘Manage’. Then click on Device Manager.  

(II) Then, click on ‘Network Adapters’ and under this menu search for your wireless adapter. Right-click on it and select ‘Enable’ or ‘Install’. 

(III) Once this is done, click ‘Scan for hardware changes and your drivers could be re-installed. 

5. Battery Not Charging 

If you find that your laptop’s battery stops charging, then you must immediately replace it even if your laptop is under warranty, as usually batteries are not covered in the manufacturer’s warranty period. However, if your laptop’s battery is irremovable, then you’ll have to change the laptop. 


We’ve observed that there could be many other issues that you may face with a laptop, particularly after the manufacturer’s warranty period. This may include hard drive failure, motherboard failure,  LCD malfunction, processor malfunction, etc. Many of these problems may necessitate the intervention of our professional laptop repair in South Riverside or any other location. Luckily, if your laptop is covered with an extended warranty plan, then you need not have to bother about spending on repairs at the last minute. Feel free to get in touch with us if you are facing any issues with your existing laptop. 

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