7 Commonest Mistakes to Avoid for Laptop Use and Care

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Do you realize that your laptop is just like any other significant investment of yours, like your car? You need to care for the laptop the way you care for your car. Then only you can let yourself get the optimum value out of it.

However, we’ve observed in our laptop repair service center in South Riverside that maximum users don’t take proper care of their devices. Probably they assume that their mobile nature also makes them impenetrable to many damage risks. But it’s a myth. And that’s the primary objective of this blog- to clear all the misconceptions. 

In this write-up, we’ve identified a few of the most common errors that you must avoid religiously. They are as follows- 

1. Keeping it Plugged In

We’ve identified this issue to be a major cause of negligence. If you aren’t using your laptop, just unplug it from the power outlet. When you’ll be out for a prolonged duration, it’s recommended to completely shut it down. 

Leaving the device plugged in while not in use will reduce its total lifespan. It’s a bad idea to overcharge the battery, irrespective of the device you’re handling. When you intend to use your laptop for a while, allow the battery to drain down completely before recharging it again. 

2. Keeping Device on the Floor

Though laptops are portable, you can’t just set them down anywhere. Putting your laptop on the floor directly is usually not recommended. A study table or even a dining table could be fine. 

Floors may contain dirt and dust. They’re full of all types of potential hazards such as tiny pieces of glass making their way to the keyboard of your device and you may have to pay an exorbitant repair bill. 

Moreover, it’s more likely that a laptop on the floor will be kicked, knocked over, or else disturbed compared to one that’s on a table. Always avoid keeping it off the floor. 

3. Dropping Issues

Make sure that you never drop your device. Rather, you should never drop any electronic device, and laptops are no exception. What we’ve observed during laptop repair in South Riverside is that the maximum cases come to us because of laptop-dropping issues. The reason is that there’s always a possibility of internal damage that you can’t feel or see. Once you end up damaging your device in this manner, you can’t fix it in the DIY (do it yourself) method. You need the intervention of a professional like us. 

4. Slamming the Lid Shut

After you finish using your laptop, close the lid softly as it’s quite delicate. Simply don’t slam it shut as doing so will lead to physical damage to the screen. There could be hinges and other internal components. So, it’ll be better to close it gently and carefully. This might seem to take a little bit more time initially. However, in the long run, it’ll be worth it.

5. Surface of Use

Though it seems okay to use your laptop on a surface such as a bed or your lap now and then, it isn’t something that you should be accustomed to. Doing so can overheat your laptop leading to various types of problems in the future. 

The reason is once the device sits on a soft surface like a bed or your lap, the airflow is immensely minimized and it becomes much less efficient at cooling itself down. That’s why, once you contemplate using your laptop for an extended period, it’ll be better to place it on a hard, flat surface. You may also consider purchasing a laptop stand. 

6. Beverages Close to the Device

It’s best to keep laptops and liquids as far away from each other as possible. Despite staying alert, accidents can’t be evaded. A spilled coffee can easily damage your laptop beyond the scope of our repair. So, it’s always advisable to keep beverages well away from your device while you’re using it. 

Believe it or not, we’ve come across laptop owners who use their devices while in the bath or shower! At least they should consider things from a safety perspective.

7. Inappropriate Usage of Software and Hardware

Last but not least, one of the easiest ways to damage your laptop is through corrupt software use. Downloading and installing unauthorized software can create all sorts of problems for your device. Download software exclusively from trusted sources, and never install anything that you don’t feel confident about. 

Inaccurately ejecting external devices is another common issue that may damage your laptop. If you have to remove an external device, do it with full accuracy. If you simply extract it out without properly ejecting it first, then you may damage both the device as well as the data stored inside. 


We feel extremely privileged to provide an absolute and comprehensive service for the best computer repair in Rancho Cucamonga to clients. The issues may range from screen and water damage to battery issues, virus concerns, etc.

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