Top 5 Mistakes That First-Time iPhone Users Make 

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It’s quite a thrilling experience once you’ve just received your first iPhone. We’ve seen that unwrapping the plastic casing and holding the device for the first time excites most users. It seems to be a rite of passage into the ranks of Apple’s loyal following.  

But you’ve to familiarize yourself with its distinctive features to get the most out of your iPhone to put a full stop to some of the common first-time user mistakes that we’ve found many people make.  

Being a first-time iPhone user, you aren’t expected to be familiar with all the features and functions of this extraordinary device. Similarly, you don’t want an untimely iPhone repair in North Riverside or anywhere else.  

In this article, we’ll explore a few common mistakes you might be making. Being new to the iPhone, there’s a high possibility that you’re making some of the following common beginner mistakes. 

1. Failure to Back Up Your Device Regularly 

As your most trusted companion, the iPhone contains important data, like your contacts, photos, and messages. If you lose this information, then it can be disastrous, particularly if you don’t have the latest backup. 

We always advise using the iCloud Backup feature. Doing so, your data will be automatically backed up as long as your device is connected to Wi-Fi and a power source.  

It’s very easy to do this. Go to Settings. Tap your Name at the top of the screen, and select iCloud. Scroll down and then turn on the iCloud Backup feature. 

2. Ignoring Configuration of the Find My Feature 

During several instances of iPhone repairs, we’ve found that this is one feature that many people hope they’ll never have to use. However, prevention is better than cure. The Find My feature enables you to locate your phone even if it’s lost or stolen. 

To set up the Find My feature, go to Settings. Tap your name at the top of the screen, and select iCloud. Scroll down and then turn on the Find My iPhone feature.  

Additionally, you may also enable the Send Last Location feature to send your iPhone’s location to Apple once the battery is low. 

3. Not Focusing on App Permissions 

Every time you install an app on your device, it will seek permission from you to access specific features of your iPhone, like the microphone, camera, or location. In a similar manner that you possibly don’t read terms and conditions or user manuals properly, you might simply tap Allow without any second consideration. 

But you must be aware that allowing access to an app for obtaining sensitive data like your microphone or location can pose a privacy and security threat. We suggest that you should pay attention to this as it only takes a few seconds to read those so-called long and boring terms and conditions. 

However, if you wish to review the app permissions that you have allowed, go to Settings. Click on Privacy and select the relevant category. 

4. Neglecting the Use of the Optimized Battery Charging Feature 

We’ve observed a gradual degradation of lithium-ion batteries, which we mainly apply in modern devices such as the iPhone. So, this implies that the battery won’t be able to hold a charge as long as it did when it was new.  

Despite the inevitability of this aging process, certain factors contribute to quicker battery degradation, including extreme temperatures, both high and low, and charging for a prolonged duration. 

A remarkable method to maintain your device’s battery health is to apply the Optimized Battery Charging feature to utilize machine learning to track if you ideally connect your iPhone for extended periods and when you use your device. Then it uses this information to slow down the final stages of charging until you have to use your device. This helps to minimize battery aging. 

To enable Optimized Battery Charging on your iPhone, go to Settings. Click on Battery, select Battery Health, and toggle it on. 

5. Jailbreaking Your Device for Installing Unauthorized Apps 

Often, we’ve witnessed that if a user has recently switched to an iPhone from Android, then he or she might be missing all the customization options and the ability to sideload apps. 

You possibly must have heard about jailbreaking an iOS device to enjoy these benefits. If not, then jailbreaking your iPhone means removing the restrictions that Apple had imposed on you to allow the installation of unauthorized apps from third-party sources. 

Remember that jailbreaking your iPhone can void its warranty and might make it more prone to malware and other security threats. Moreover, jailbreaking your device makes it more difficult to install future software updates, exposing you to new security threats. 

So, unless you’re fully aware of what you’re doing, it’s recommended that you refrain from jailbreaking your device. 


Utilize these above-mentioned tips to avail yourself of a good starting point and get the most out of your iPhone. You can enjoy using it for many years to come. There are more common mistakes that we continue to find that new iPhone users are making. As we provide one of the best mobile phone repairs in South Riverside and other locations, we suggest you avoid all the mistakes mentioned in this article to make the most out of your iPhone.  

Being a first-time iPhone user, don’t make any mistakes that can lessen the life span of your device. Then you may fail to leverage some of its key features. Do get in touch with us if you still face any issues. 

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