Top 3 Laptop Repair Kits In 2023

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It is very frustrating if all of a sudden you find that your hard drive has been crushed or you need to fix the control panel on your laptop. In such a situation, you need the appropriate tools to get the job done.  

Being one of the leading stores for laptop repair in North Riverside, we have shortlisted the following laptop repair kits as the top three. They include almost everything you need to dissect and fix your device and avoid all the usual hassles. So, countdown-wise our top picks are as follows- 

iFixit Moray Driver Kit

Fixing your laptop or any other device is all about owning precision-focused tools. Today, iFixit happens to be the leading name as far as laptop repair tools are concerned due to its attention to detail, such as the magnetic case that grasps your bits rather than the flimsy plastic clasps. 

It is very easy to hold the tool handle and twist it. This is possible due to the lightweight design. It helps to minimize wrist strain during prolonged repair sessions. You will find 32 separate 4mm heads with a polished finish in the case. iFixit covers this case and functions with its lifetime warranty. 

XOOL 62-in-1 Electronic Repair Kit and Screwdriver 

Indeed, all companies can’t be iFixit. However, XOOL is available with a similar tool with almost twice as many bits. Though the handle is convenient to use and makes you feel good, the difference can be felt in quality compared to other top-name brands. Partially, that’s the reason why the kit is so affordable. 

Inside the kit, you can get 62 bits and an extension rod. The extension rod is meant for smaller devices such as smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles, providing you with a wider reach without compromising on its stability. 

A few of these places could be exceedingly challenging to get to. The case is primary. That’s why, if you have any spare laying around, then it is advisable to transfer the bits to that case.  

Unamela Precision Screwdriver Set (laptop repair)

Priced at merely $20.49, this Multifunctional Computer Repair Tool Kit tops our list. The 122-in-1 computer repair tool kit comprises 101 types of precision alloy bits and 21 practical tools. It also includes retractable handles, anti-static tweezers, universal bending soft rods, and a screwdriver with a non-slip silicone handle. The best part is that you can utilize this tool kit for repairing different types of laptops, computers, mobile phones, and tablets, compatible with iPhone, iPad, MacBook, PS4, Xbox, glasses, jewelry, TV, air conditioners, and other household appliances. So, you can call it a comprehensive repair kit

What we find most alluring is the Intimate Design. There is a magnetic mat prepared for you to store small screws. The screwdriver is based on ergonomic standards. You’ll find that the silica particles on the surface boost the handle to prevent slippage during a repair. The screwdriver is equipped with a flexible shaft to remove a few screws that aren’t easily accessible. The side of the bit features a mark for quick identification of the model. It is equipped with a magnetizer as well, to strengthen the magnetism of the bit. 

It is rugged and durable. Out of the 101 bits, 98 of the bits are comprised of Cr-V steel with a hardness of 55HRC, and the other 3 Torx bits are comprised of S2 alloy steel with a hardness of 60HRC. Once all the Bits are quenched and tempered, then only they’re subjected to nickel plating on the surface. The bit becomes harder and more durable due to the dual heat treatment process. 

Our technical experts love its Professional Bit Combination as this set of computer screwdriver kit contains 12 * Phillips, 13 * hex, 13 * Flathead, 12 * Torx, 11 * Torx Security, 7 * Nut Driver, 7 * Tri-point, 3 * Square, 6 * Pentalobe, 5 * pozidriv, 3 * triangle, 3 * U-type, SIM, MID, and PH2. Various sizes of bits can be used together to solve different maintenance problems effortlessly. 

As the box is designed with a double-sided storage structure and features a large storage space, it’s very convenient to store. Each tool and batch head maintain its fixed positions. That makes it easy to store.  


If you don’t feel confident enough to fix your laptop with the DIY method, then you need not have to purchase the kits, mentioned above. You can walk down to our store for laptop repair in South Riverside where we can troubleshoot any issue.

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