Why Choose Us for Tablet PC Repairs?

Whether your tablet's screen is cracked, it's not charging, or it's plagued by software glitches, we've got the expertise to fix it.



Skill plays a very important role. That separates the great from the good! Our team consists of highly skilled technicians with expertise in various tablet PC brands and models. We've encountered and effectively resolved a wide range of tablet issues, making us specialists in the field. You can rely on our experience to accurately diagnose and fix your tablet, no matter what the problem is.


Certified Technicians

Can you depend on any technician apart from the certified ones? Our technicians are certified experts in tablet repair. That is their core competency. With the necessary training and expertise, they handle your tablet with care and precision. You can trust that your device is in capable hands, and we'll swiftly restore it to optimal performance. The results have always proved to be phenomenal!


Affordable Rates

Why spend so much when you can get things done at affordable rates? We firmly believe that quality tablet PC repairs should be affordable for everyone. That's why we offer competitive pricing, ensuring our top-notch services don't strain your budget. With us, you receive professional repairs without breaking the bank. You need not have to spend a lot just for the sake of repairing your tablet.


Transparent Communication

Don't believe any person who doesn't have any transparency in communications. We believe in keeping you informed every step of the way. Throughout the repair process, you'll have a clear understanding of what's happening with your tablet. We're always available to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring a transparent and open line of communication. All of us should be on the same page!


Multiple Locations

There is no point in denying services to others. It doesn't make any sense to cater to a handful of customers. We know tablet issues can occur at any time, so we've made our services accessible with multiple locations in Redlands, Rancho Cucamonga, Lake Elsinore, North Riverside, South Riverside, and Montclair. No matter where you are, our skilled tablet repair technicians are ready to assist you.


Customer Focused

Every business has to focus primarily on the customers as it is said that the customer is the king, the ultimate boss. They are always right. Your satisfaction is our priority. We adopt a customer-focused approach, actively listening to your concerns, and providing solutions that align with your needs. Our goal is to ensure your tablet is repaired to your complete satisfaction.


6 Month Warranty

It is quite pleasing to know that we offer a 6-month Warranty. Otherwise, why will the customers believe us? We are confident in the quality of our tablet repair services, which is why we offer an extensive 6-month warranty. If any issues related to our repair arise within this period, we're here to resolve them at no additional cost. Doesn't it sound great?


Personalized Solutions

All issues cannot be the same. They can't have the same remedies! We have observed that each tablet issue is unique, and we treat it as such. Our technicians take a personalized approach to understanding the specifics of your problem. This ensures that the solutions we provide are tailored to address your tablet's specific issue effectively. You need not bother about anything else!

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“I went in for a warranty repair, the tech took my phone and in a hour had replaced screen and even replaced the glass protector.I am so happy to reccomend this place to ALL my friends and family”

Terry H., Riverside

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“It's a nice clean spot! Friendly staff and GREAT PRICING! It's right next to a Little Caesars so you can get some pizza while waiting on your phone to get fixed. Quick service pizza and quick service repair. Why not?”

Sherina A., Costa Mesa

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“I [definitely] recommend D&R electronix for your cellphone repair. I had issues twice with my iPhone 7 screen, once cracked and second black lines, and Jose went above and beyond..”

K And, Redlands

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“I had a broken iPhone screen and took it in to see Nathan. He had it fixed in under an hour and did a great job. I will be bringing my iPad in to him to fix as well. Highly recommend!”

Trevor F., San Ramon

Tablet PC Repair Prices: Your Budget-Friendly Solutions

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  • Cracked Screen Repair - Starting at $59

    Whether your screen is sporting a few minor cracks or looks like a modern art masterpiece, we've got your back! Our cracked screen repair services start at just $59. You don't have to squint through shattered glass or miss out on swiping and tapping – we'll make your screen as good as new.

  • Battery Replacement - Starting at $49

    Is your tablet's battery draining faster than a speeding bullet? Don't worry, our battery replacement services start at an affordable $49. Say goodbye to constantly searching for outlets and hello to hassle-free, long-lasting power.

  • Charging Problems - Starting at $49

    When your tablet refuses to charge or play nicely with the charger, it's time for a hero to step in. Our charging problem solutions begin at $49. We'll diagnose and resolve every kind of charging issue, ensuring your tablet powers up like a champ.

  • Front and Rear Camera Repair - Starting at $49

    Don't let precious moments pass you by because your tablet's camera isn't cooperating. Our front and rear camera repair services start at just $49. Say cheese to perfectly functioning cameras, ready to capture memories, selfies, and everything in between.

  • General Troubleshooting – FREE

    Is your Tablet PC acting as mysterious as a spy novel? Wondering why it's behaving strangely? Got questions? No worries, we offer FREE general troubleshooting. Just drop by with your tablet, and our tech experts will get to the bottom of things. No hidden fees, no secrets – just straightforward solutions.


Got a question? We’re here to help.

  • 45 minutes. Most of our regular repairs are completed and ready for pick up in under 45 minutes. Keep in mind that advanced repairs may take additional time based on the nature and complexity of the repair.

  • 6 MONTH WARRANTY; We offer the highest quality parts and services on the market! This allows us to offer a warranty as much as 6 times local competitors and you can rest a little easier knowing you're covered against defects for the next half of a year.

  • Physical and/or liquid damage is never covered under warranty and will automatically void any warranty time left no matter what the circumstance. To be fair, no one, not even Apple will cover any physical/liquid damage.

  • A cracked screen can be frustrating, but don't worry! Bring your Tablet PC to us, and our skilled technicians can replace the cracked screen, making it look and function like new. Prices start at just $59.

  • Charging issues can be caused by various factors, but we've got you covered. Starting at $49, we can diagnose and fix charging problems quickly. Say goodbye to the hassle of a dying battery.

  • Absolutely! Our repair services cover front and rear camera issues, starting at $49. Whether it's selfies or capturing memories, we'll ensure your Tablet PC's camera functions flawlessly once again.