Do Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Work?

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Smartphones have something in common and that’s a fragile screen. There are different options out there for safeguarding your phone screen but tempered glass screen protectors are the highlight for many people. They provide a superior glass feel and are also easy to replace when over-scratched. However, just because tempered glass screen protectors cut it for many people doesn’t mean they are a good option for you.

There are certain features you must watch out for to get a glass tempered screen protector that will protect your device to your satisfaction


Although tempered glass screen protectors are generally cheaper than plastic screen protectors you must be careful of super cheap tempered glass screen protectors. Tempered glass is made of various material qualities so be sure to choose what will last as long as your device. You should also consider the technology design used for the screen protector.


tempered glass screen protector should be sturdy and able to withstand rough use without showing wear and tear. It should be thick enough to prevent easy scratches and the like. However, for some phones, this glass protector will be noticeable on the screen device because it’ll be slightly raised at the flush finish by the sides.


It’s not enough that your tempered glass screen protector is scratch resistant. It should also aid in easy gliding of your fingers over your phone without showing your fingerprints. A tempered glass screen feels like the original phone screen and this has won it a good place among phone enthusiasts.


those who have installed a plastic screen protector before may find it challenging to switch to another protection because they expect to go through the same hassle but the tempered glass screen protector is easy to install. Ensure you clean the screen and that it’s free of particles before installation.

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Benefits of Glass Screen Protectors

More protection

When it comes to smartphones these days, you can do with any layer of protection you get because the cost of repair isn’t cheap and screens are fragile. Tempered glass screen protectors offer more strength because the material it is made of is used in the production of appliances like shower doors, and vehicle windows.

A Lot Safer

While smartphones come with a warranty, many things nullify the warranty. One of the ways to ensure the device is kept safe is by adding external compressions and internal tension which is what tempered glass does.

Stronger than Normal Glass

Tempered glass generally is four to six times stronger than normal glass. It has a robust appearance and defends the screen from scratches.

Exceptionally Sensitive to the Touch

One of the best things about a tempered glass screen protector is that it is touch-sensitive. It doesn’t retain fingerprint, grime, or oil and this preserves the functionality of the phone.

Incredibly Transparent

Because tampered glass is transparent, you can use your phone at any time under any environmental condition.  You’ll still get your crystal-clear display and HD clarity.

In the journey of safeguarding your smartphone, the role of tempered glass protectors stands out as a guardian. these protectors shield your device, preserving its beauty and functionality. With tempered glass, your screen remains unscathed, untouched by scratches or fingerprints. In case you miss the screen protector and your screen gets damaged, then we have a screen repair service for you.


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