8 Common iPhone Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Have you recently become a proud owner of a precious possession that you desired for years? Well, it must be an iPhone. You must have saved a lot of your hard-earned income! You deserve a pat on your back for the laudable performance of possessing something so valuable. But you must also remember that you have to maintain it properly as it could be quite pocket-pinching to again spend money on repairs. Before taking any drastic step like searching for an authentic iPhone repair in Redlands provided by us, you must probe whether you can fix a few of the iPhone problems all by yourself, instead of visiting us.  

In this article, we have identified the 8 commonest iPhone repair mistakes that you must avoid.

1. Seeking Cheap Replacements 

No one on earth can ignore the fact that the latest models of iPhone are quite expensive. You may be tempted to save a little more for the repair costs. Eventually, you end up seeking inexpensive replacement parts. Even economically, it is a strategy with flaws. Often people don’t verify the genuineness of the replacement products. A lot of these cheap products hardly maintain the same quality parameters set by Apple. Think of saving money instead of squandering it. This tactic may cause further damage to your device.  

For any kind of replacement, always visit our authorized service center as we officially possess all the authentic parts needed to repair a dysfunctional device. 

2. Trying the DIY Method Without Sufficient Knowledge 

So, what if you don’t know something? We all were born uneducated. There is nothing to feel shy or belittled about if we are oblivious to the intricacies and nitty-gritty of the iPhone. But little learning could prove to be dangerous if you don’t have adequate knowledge about fixing an issue. Don’t try it. Else, it might backfire.

3. Ignore Backing Up 

Before you opt for your iPhone repairs of any kind, back up your data completely. Make it a thumb rule for both home repairs as well as a service center. None of us wish to lose all our data, pictures, videos, or important files. The growth and evolution of cloud technology have made it easy to back up everything and store it in another secure place. If the situation demands that the restoration of factory settings is the ultimate option, then this step will prove to be effective. 

4. Mistakes During Cleaning  

We all need regular showers. Else, there will be an accumulation of dirt in our bodies. Likewise, when it is inside your pocket, your gadget is piling up dirt and dust from the cloth. Once you take it out, it becomes more prone to the pollutants naturally existing within the atmosphere. The ground reality is that the device is becoming dirty with each passing day. You can clean the same with a microfiber cloth to increase the life of the phone and refrain from time-consuming repairs. Never use any shelf fluid or sprays for your phone, as this can jeopardize everything. 

For cleaning any ports on your iPhone, use a paperclip and apply a small piece of cotton wool on the end for cleaning the inside part. 

5. Visiting Unauthorized Service Centers 

The first mistake we elaborated on was unauthorized parts. Even unauthorized service centers can mess up things.  When you buy a new iPhone, it will be under a warranty and covers it from all defects and issues. However, the validity of this warranty applies only if you adhere to the stringent rules of Apple, one of which is opting for unlicensed dealers for repair. In case you fail to do this, you may lose your warranty. 

Authorized dealers like us are well-trained, whereas unauthorized dealers are not.  

6. Postponing Screen Repairs 

If you leave the cracked screens unfixed, then a tiny crack can seem to be a mammoth one. Moreover, shattering glass can injure you and others around you. A tiny crack can fast become too gigantic enough by letting dirt settle inside of the device. It may so happen that your screen soon becomes unresponsive. 

Do not keep delaying repairs. Additionally, overheating can also damage your phone beyond the scope of any further repair. 

7. Neglect Updates 

Normally, we ignore updates and assume that these updates can decelerate your phone or are can make your device appear obsolete. 

The truth is far from reality as these very updates are an essential part of all maintenance and repair work. Regular updates help to keep the phone running properly. Remember that many of these are security updates, protecting your device from potential hackers. 

8. Memory Full  

Memory should never be overloaded. Cloud access makes you feel that your iPhone has unlimited resources. This is a myth. At least a quarter of the device’s memory should be free. If required, we recommend our customers delete the apps and files consuming valuable space.   


There could be more additional issues that may require authentic iPhone repair in South Riverside from us. But if you check the points above, they are more about precautions and we all know that prevention is better than cure.  

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