Top 10 Tips for Smartphone Charging

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During our job of mobile repair in South Riverside and other locations, we’ve observed that most users take their smartphones for granted. Being powerful and extraordinary devices, we hardly realize that we’re misusing them without meaning to. A few common mistakes that you make with the charging of your smartphone could worsen its battery and decrease the lifespan of your smartphone. 

In this article, we’ve identified ways to take care of your smartphone’s battery and avoid common mistakes. 

1. Be Particular About Power Banks 

You need not ignore them completely. However, power banks from inferior manufacturers are devoid of any overcharge protection. It’s the similar problem with cheap chargers. 

We suggest users avoid power banks with quick charge options unless they’re from a reputable or trusted brand. Rapid charging transmits excessive electricity to your device and leads to battery damage. This high voltage may reduce the lifespan of your battery. Quick charging cables and power banks claim that they charge the initial 80% faster as their onboard chip slows down charging after reaching higher levels where overcharging is a more serious matter of concern. 

2. Don’t Use Cheap Chargers 

A few cheap charging cables from lesser-known brands are of inferior quality. We found that during our work for mobile repair in Lake Elsinore. The idea of a wire drawing power from the wall isn’t that challenging. However, it isn’t enough to maintain the safety of your device. 

Branded chargers from reputed companies feature circuits inside them. That switches off if there’s an excessive power draw. This will protect the battery from breaking, overcharging, or overheating your smartphone and damaging it further. So, the name-brand chargers are the only ones you must use for the safety of the device and prevent overheating. 

3. Don’t Use it While Charging 

Most users wish to access different apps while the phones are at 1%. You may plug it in to support what you’re doing. However, you must leave it locked and allow it to be charged. Using your smartphone during charging can increase the temperature faster, straining your battery, screen, and processor. Plan out your phone time in such a way that you need not have to use it while charging.  

4. Fast Draining of Your Battery 

Lithium-ion and lithium-polymer phone batteries have a limited capacity of total charges that they can take. Subsequently, the battery will die. So, most people face battery problems after nearly two years of use and come to us for smartphone repair in Redlands and other locations. 

When you install performance apps to monitor your battery life, they may eventually harm it in the long run. You need power for constant monitoring of your battery life. Uninstall all battery-monitoring apps and close out all open apps and browsers while you aren’t using them. This will minimize the power used to support background processes and be more effective compared to any battery monitoring app. 

5. Don’t Use a Phone Case While Charging 

Phone cases can help you customize your smartphone and add some physical security. But when it comes to charging, they may lead to temperature problems. 

If your smartphone’s battery exceedingly heats up, it may damage the rest of your device. Regardless of whether you have a removable battery or not, it may damage your phone’s processor. 

Take the case off during charging as the device needs some amount of heat displacement to avoid damage. 

6. A Phone’s Overcharge Protection isn’t for Abuse 

Don’t leave your phone plugged in for hours. Though it’s not as harmful as before, still it isn’t a wise decision and can drain your power bill. 

Though modern smartphones and chargers have overcharge protection, however, by staying plugged in, the charger’s onboard chip may be damaged. 

7. Don’t Overcharge Your Phone Overnight 

Many phones also feature lithium-ion batteries that don’t respond to overheating properly. Overheating minimizes the capacity of your battery by oxidizing a few of the electrolytes at the cathode, which leads to the self-discharging of the battery. Nothing overheats your battery quite like being stuck on the charger for a very long time. If you’re asleep you can’t monitor it to observe whether it’s been fully charged. So, it implies that you will spend too long on the cord. 
You should rather consider providing your battery with “top-off” charges throughout the 
day to avoid any costly cell phone repair from us. Counter-intuitively, lithium-ion batteries function most appropriately if you keep them between 5 

8. Don’t Let Your Device Become Exceedingly Cold 

Whenever it appears that everything has come back to heat so far at this point, then it may come as a bit of a relief. It isn’t all about heating your device. Though it’s all about temperature. But if you’re in a cold climate, then you’ll wish to keep it in your jacket pocket whenever you’re outside. By using it in sub-zero temperatures, it will freeze your smartphone’s screen and simultaneously drain your battery that much faster. Even the device takes longer to charge if it’s cold.  

9. Don’t Use Slow Wireless Chargers 

It’s convenient to use wireless chargers. However, you must monitor the speed. The slower ones will drain your battery life by compelling you to keep them on the charging 
pad longer. The charging pad overheats the device as well, to put you back to square one in terms of quality battery life. 

10. Never Leave Your Device in Hot Places 

If you regularly stick your phone in a locker or allow it to sit on a table in the hot sun at the pool, then don’t forget that heat cooks the battery. Whenever your battery’s left to get hot for long it will entirely drain, even as it loses long-term capacity. 


If you follow the above-mentioned suggestions about charging, then you won’t face any difficulty. Feel free to visit our mobile repair store in North Riverside and other locations if you continue to face any issues with the battery of your smartphone.  

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